The Difference at Lynette Snyman Audiology

At Lynette Snyman Audiology, you and your loved ones can expect leading quality hearing healthcare.
Our team of licensed Audiologists devote their lives to helping people hear better and feel more connected.
If you’ve been postponing treating your hearing loss, we invite you to come take a look at the innovative and stylish hearing aids now available.


Audiologist and Practice Owner


What sets Lynette Snyman Audiology apart from other Hearing Aid Centres?

We want to help you get back to hearing the beautiful sounds of life. Lynette Snyman Audiology is dedicated and passionate about helping those with hearing loss reach their full hearing potential. Hearing loss can often be frustrating and many people are hesitant to seek out assistance. At Lynette Snyman Audiology we create a calm family environment to provide the highest quality in personalized care that will meet your needs and personal lifestyle.

Our Values

Express how we operate as a practice in achieving patient-centered care.

Team Work

We recognise that our success is inevitably tied to others and our performance as a team will define us. We look to successfully partner with other health professionals to provide the highest quality service.


Patient Service

We are effective in combining communication, medical knowledge and hard work to surpass patient expectations. Patient service is at the heart of what we do and we are dedicated to always look for ways to support our patients more effectively.


We honour the diverse experience and knowledge that every person brings to our practice.
“Respect is deserved, not earned.” This is the core of how we deal with each other and those with whom we interact.

Integrity / Ethics

We strive to create a professional work environment that emphasizes personal integrity, ethics, responsibility and accountability.

Patient Centeredness

We keep patient perspective, opinions, needs, interests and safety at the centre of every decision that we make.


We are committed to serving our patients. Accountability drives our commitment to quality improvement at Lynette Snyman Audiology.

What you can expect

Licensed Audiologist

At Lynette Snyman Audiology, our providers are Audiologists. This means that in addition to HPCSA licensing and continuing education, we have all attained at least Bachelor’s degrees in Audiology.

Compassionate Care

Our Audiologists work closely with each patient to understand their hearing needs and become a supportive team member on their hearing journey. We are dedicated to providing quality care that is person-centred and professional.

Family Environment

To ensure our patients have the best experience in our office, Lynette Snyman Audiology strives to create a calm and relaxing space. Our goal is to make sure you feel relaxed, supported and at home.

High Quality Hearing Aids

We provide the leading and most innovative brands of hearing devices on the market, including Beltone, Oticon, Phonak, Signia (Siemens) and Widex. If hearing aids are the best option for you, our Audiologist will discuss your hearing needs to help you choose the hearing aid that fits your lifestyle and budget.

No Pressure

No pressure here at Lynette Snyman Audiology, our passion is helping you find the right hearing solutions that work best for your sound environment. After testing is complete, we provide all possible treatment options, as well as examine all available information so you can make the best decision for you and your hearing needs. We will not pressure you into purchasing devices you do not need or want. We will help match you with devices that have the features you want in a hearing aid.

Professionalism and Expertise

The Audiologists at Lynette Snyman Audiology share over 14 years of experience helping individuals with hearing loss find the tools and devices they need to improve their hearing quality. We take the time to find out what devices and treatments will work best for your lifestyle. Our Audiologists also stay up-to-date on the latest hearing technology to ensure you get the most effective devices on the market.