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Our Services


We are proud to provide a broad array of high-quality Diagnostic and Rehabilitative Services

Comprehensive Audiological Evaluations
A series of tests to determine hearing ability by air and bone conduction methods, speech identification and understanding

Counseling and rehabilitation for patients and their families
We help you understand your hearing test results and their implications so that together we can find solutions that address your listening needs, lifestyle and budget.

Hearing aid prescription and fitting of the full range of hearing aids 
We offer a full range of hearing aids from several of the world's leading manufacturers.

Hearing Aid Repair and Maintenance

Routine cleaning, repairs and programming.

Hearing Loss Simulator
Allows your friends and family members to "hear" a simulation of your hearing loss.

Assess middle ear and Eustachian tube functioning.

Swim moulds, ear moulds, and noise protectors
Custom earmoulds for musicians, swimmers, and industrial applications.

Visible Speech Mapping
A visual presentation of how much "speech" is actually reaching the eardrum. This is a fast and accurate approach to successfully program instruments for fitting and troubleshooting. 

Assistive listening devices

There are several devices available that can be used with the hearing aids to assist with certain difficult listening situations.  Most hearing aids today are bluetooth compatible.  With a small  wireless device hearing aids can be linked to cellphones, television and any other device that has bluetooth, such as computers.  

FM systems are also available to assist in difficult to listen situations. FM systems are wireless devices that decrease the distance between the speaker and listener, decrease background noise and decrease reverberation.   These devices are especially useful in classrooms for children with hearing aids or for adults who struggle to understand speech.